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What's Included

Doctor’s Visits Via Telehealth

Attend monthly visits with your physician, who will monitor your progress and advise you during your weight loss journey.

Weight Loss Medication Shipped to Your Residence

Your medication will be shipped directly to your home to be self-administered.

Ongoing Care Team Support

Unlimited messaging & phone support with your care team to help you to achieve your weight loss goals.

Meet Your Medical Weight Loss Doctor

Dr. Desiree Granados

Meet our staff physician, Dr. Desiree Granados. She has been a weight loss doctor for over five years now and has help hundreds of patients achieve their weight loss goals. She is an expert in the use of GLP-1 medications and has the experience and expertise to apply best practices and oversee a safe and effective medical weight loss program using GLP-1.

The Process

step 1

Book a Visit with Our Doctor for an Initial Consultation

Book an initial evaluation with our doctor and fill out a simple online medical intake form about your health and weight loss goals.

step 2

Meet with Your Doctor via telehealth

Meet with your doctor either through video telehealth. Your doctor will go over your medical history and weight loss goals during your initial visit. If you and your doctor agree that our GLP-1 medication program is a good fit for you, a blood work order will be sent to your lab of choice.

step 3

Receive Medicine at Your Home

Receive your medication in the mail straight from the pharmacy and schedule an appointment with your doctor for instructions to self administer. There is no additional fee for this appointment.

Hear from Our Clients


It was a great and fast appointment and Dr. Granados ensured to answer all my questions and concerns.

Craig S.


I have had a great experience with Dr. Granados and would highly recommend! I especially love the convenience of teledoc for follow-up appointments.

Dora K.


Place is wonderful! Jenni at the front desk is absolutely awesome! Very informative and well educated… Dr. Granados has helped me greatly! She’s the lady to see!!!️

Rich R.

About GLP-1 Injections


GLP-1 medication simulate the effects of the GLP-1 hormone to mitigate appetite and slow digestion.

GLP-1 is viable for long-term use for patients who wish to lose excess weight . Maintaining healthy weight can drastically improve your overall health and well-being and reduce your risk of chronic health conditions like heart disease and type-2 diabetes.


How GLP-1 Shots Work

GLP-1 is self-administered through a weekly subcutaneous injection. It works as an appetite suppressant by mimicking existing hormones that interact with your digestive system and regulate food intake by reducing feelings of hunger.

It also helps patients reduce their caloric intake by slowing digestion and delaying gastric emptying. When food moves through your stomach more slowly, you stay fuller for longer and don’t have as much of an appetite.

GLP-1 also engages the area of the brain that influences appetite and cravings. This action can further reduce your meal frequency and portion size.


Compounded GLP-1


Your doctor will make a treatment decision based on your medical history and overall health after completing a telehealth consultation and reviewing lab work.


Frequently Asked Questions

Medical weight loss is a comprehensive, physician-directed approach designed to help individuals achieve and maintain a healthy weight. It involves a personalized plan that can include dietary adjustments, an exercise regimen, behavioral modifications, and, when necessary, prescribed medications like GLP-1. This approach not only helps patients lose weight but also equips them with the knowledge and tools necessary to prevent weight regain in the future.

How long it takes to lose weight on GLP-1 can vary significantly among different individuals. However, clinical studies suggest that noticeable weight loss often begins within the first few weeks of starting the medication. It's crucial to understand that GLP-1 is not a magic pill, but should be combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

GLP-1 injections have been shown to facilitate significant weight loss. Studies suggest that patients lose, on average, 10% to 15% of their body weight over the course of six months of treatment. However, the exact amount can vary between individuals and is influenced by factors such as initial body weight, diet, physical activity, and the duration of the treatment. Patients with a higher initial body weight tend to lose more pounds but a smaller percentage of their total weight.

In order to maximize your weight loss, it's advisable to eat a balanced diet full of lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables and incorporate physical activity into your daily routine.

Your consultation will be like a typical in-person office visit. The doctor will examine your medical history and ask about your weight loss goals. Speaking openly and honestly will provide them with the information necessary to accurately assess your eligibility, rule out potential contradictions that could make certain medications risky, and set realistic goals.

Doctors who supervise medical weight loss programs are compassionate providers who understand the complex challenges of obesity and the nuances of treating it.

How rapidly weight loss from GLP-1 injections occurs varies from individual to individual and depends on the person’s response to the medication, as well as their lifestyle. Some individuals may start noticing weight loss within the first few weeks, but most patients' results don't emerge until several months into their treatment.

Working with a doctor will help you lose weight at a steady, healthy rate since they’ll be able to moderate your dose throughout your treatment as needed.